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Active Players & Hall Of Fame Players - Head to Head Tournaments

When tournaments are launched the simulation will utilize either real or simulated data for the games. Active players, as well as retired or Hall of Fame players, have their performances determined through AI-generated sports simulations. This approach allows the inclusion of athletes from all eras, aligning with the theme of The Legends Tournament. Updates on scores, including box scores, will be sent to the email address you provided. Please ensure your contact information is accurate to receive these updates effectively and your sports profile is as completed so we can deliver your prizes in the event you are crowned Champion.

What To Expect

After you SIGN UP you will start receiving some cool emails with the results of the tournament play, you can opt out at and no longer participate at anytime. Updates: we will post to the tournaments platform and from there update it until that cycle of tournaments is over, so make sure you have created an account. You can continue to play as many times as you want. Please use the same email every time you login, so that we can make sure what we have on file is accurate. At the end of the tournament if you have selected the correct player to WIN you will be entered into the final contest for the random prize. There is no advantage to having multiple emails in the system, so use the best one for communication and LET THE BATTLE BEGIN.

TradingCard360® - Tournament Rules & Participation

There is no purchase necessary to play in a tournament. The fantasy sports tournaments are for fun only and designed to create an interactive experience where we can share our love and passion for sports, trading cards, and our cool mystery packs to include our Patent Pending Decorative Medallion. We hope you enjoy playing, winning, and sharing your experience with your friends and family.

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