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Basketball Mystery Pack

  • Product Description
  • Are you a basketball fan? Perfect here is a chance to own a Graded Basketball Card. This basketball mystery box pack only features qualified players, that have to be legendary - See Checklist below.

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Basketball Mystery Pack - What To Expect

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Basketball Mystery Pack Product Description

  • Inserts
  • With each box you have an opportunity to chase the TradingCard360® inserts. The Patent Pending Decorative Medallion trading card featuring Gold, Platinum, and the Altered DM-Diamonds. When you rip an insert it is for sure to be exciting.
  • Professional Graded Cards That Pop
  • Its all about the grades. Each Mystery Basketball Pack is Professionally Graded by one our grading partners. We source the best cards to include parallels, serial numbered, autos, rookies, & short prints to bring these cards to market under our signature Collect The Legends® trademark.
  • Mystery Pack Trading Card Checklist
  • For a player to qualify to make it into one the baseball card mystery packs they have to meet one of the qualifications below.
  • Top-100 Player (Voted By Peers)
  • Hall Of Fame
  • Rookie Of The Year, Player of the Year, MVP
  • NBA Champion
  • Selected to the All-Star, Award Winner
  • Rookies
  • Top-5 In Their Statistical Category
  • Booster Packs (Included)

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