Intellectual Property


The TradingCard360®, e-commerce shop and product is built upon the IP that has been developed. This IP ranges from patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. Below is list of the IP developed, don't take this as a comprehensive list but merely a representation of our IP. We will make a good faith attempt to list our IP here but from time to time we may not list all of our IP in this section. You are responsible for understanding what IP is related to our brands and ensure you don't infringe on our protected IP.

Patent Pending Technology

The Decorative Medallion for Trading Cards. This flagship Patent Pending design is what the entire Altered-DM collection is built upon.


TradingCard360® - Registration 98082952. This is our branded product that consumers when searching for our products and services are most familiar with.

Collect The Legends® - Registration 98190486. This is our signature trademarked product line that helps consumers identify with what makes our product different in the marketplace.

Whispers Of The Wild® - Registration 98300327. This is a signature trademarked product that helps consumers identify our National Parks Collection. This mark also includes our signature soundscapes that enhance the National Parks trading card collection and allow us to distribute our copyright protected music associated with each design.

- Registration 98252561. This is a signature mark that is represented with our Patent Pending ornamental design the Altered-DM. This mark is the identifying mark for our medallions. It helps consumers understand which cards are being sold and marketed within the Altered-DM collection.

Black Label Trading Cards™ - This innovation is what comprises the Black Label Trading Card collection where we encase vintage and modern cards. The uniqueness of this mark is to help consumers identify the slabbed cards that features a Black Label identifier.


All of our product designs to include mystery packs, logos, badges, and content on the TradingCard360® platform is our copyrightable work. This is work that we have designed and fixed on this platform for the sole purpose to drive commercial sales and create a product that consumers can come to trust. At no point in time do we authorize the copying or distribution of our content, IP, and designs without written authorization.