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Anthony Richardson Rookie Cards Are On The Rise

Anthony Richardson's rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts was a rollercoaster of growth, challenges, and flashes of brilliance. Take a look at how his football trading cards are performing based off of his rookie season.

Anthony Richardson Rookie Football Cards Are On Fire

Summary of Anthony Richardson Football Card Sales (April 1, 2024 – June 30, 2024)

Anthony Richardson's of the Indianapolis Colts during his rookie season has not only generated excitement on the field but also in the trading card market. From April 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024, his football cards have seen impressive sales, reflecting the high demand and value perceived by collectors.

Market Performance Overview

Average Sold Price:

The average sold price for Anthony Richardson RAW football cards is $64.08. This robust average indicates a strong demand and a high perceived value among collectors. Richardson's promising rookie performance and potential future stardom contribute to this valuation.

Sold Price Range:

The sold price range for these cards spans from $0.01 to $6,499.00. This wide range showcases the diversity of cards available, from base cards and lower-tier inserts to premium autographed and memorabilia cards. High-end cards with limited print runs, autographs, and game-used materials command the highest prices.

Sell-Through Rate:

With a sell-through rate of 50.95%, more than half of the listed Anthony Richardson cards are sold, indicating a strong and active market. This high sell-through rate reflects the significant demand and quick turnover of his cards.

Total Sellers:

A total of 15,442 sellers have participated in the market, indicating widespread interest and a competitive market environment. This large number of sellers ensures a variety of options for buyers, from single cards to bulk packs.

Sales Trends and Analysis

High Demand and Marketability:

The high average selling price and broad price range underscore Anthony Richardson's marketability. His rookie status, combined with his dynamic playing style, makes his cards highly desirable. Collectors are eager to invest in his potential, hoping for future value appreciation.

Impact of On-Field Performance:

Richardson’s on-field performance significantly influences card values. Strong games, notable plays, and media attention boost demand and prices. Collectors look for rookie cards as long-term investments, betting on Richardson’s success and career longevity.

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Challenges and Market Considerations

Market Volatility:

The trading card market can be volatile, with prices fluctuating based on player performance, injuries, and broader economic factors. Collectors must be aware of these dynamics and prepared for potential shifts in value.

Supply and Demand:

The balance of supply and demand is crucial. Overproduction can lead to a drop in prices, while scarcity can drive them up. Monitoring the release schedules of card manufacturers and understanding the market supply is essential for both buyers and sellers.


The period from April 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024, has been highly favorable for Anthony Richardson football cards. With a strong average selling price, high sell-through rate, and a large number of active sellers, Richardson’s cards are clearly in demand. The diverse price range reflects the variety of cards available, catering to a wide audience of collectors.

For those looking to chase Anthony Richardson rookie cards, our Collect The Legends Mystery Packs offer an exciting and affordable opportunity. With a mix of common and rare cards, high-quality selections, and periodic limited editions, these packs provide a thrilling and cost-effective way to build a valuable collection.

As Anthony Richardson's career progresses, the trading card market will continue to respond to his on-field performance and potential. Staying informed, understanding market dynamics, and making strategic investments will be key for collectors looking to capitalize on this promising young quarterback's cards. Or if your just a fan and want to send a cool gift to someone our Mystery Packs are a solid option.

All market performance data was provided by eBay sold auction data for the last 90 days ending on June 30th, 2024.

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