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Gridiron Showdown: Browns and Eagles Battle to Dramatic 18-18 Tie in Thriller at Lincoln Financial Field

In a tightly contested match, the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles ended in a draw, each side securing 18 points.

Offensive Highlights:

  • Rushing: For the Browns, D. Felton led the charge with 36 yards on 7 attempts. Philadelphia's T. Sermon stood out with a long 33-yard run and an impressive average of 10.8 yards per carry, totalling 54 yards and a touchdown.

  • Passing: Cleveland's D. Thompson-Robinson completed 13 of his 25 attempts for 164 yards, while K. Mond added 126 yards with a touchdown. On the Eagles' side, T. McKee had a stronger performance, achieving 147 yards with a touchdown, but M. Mariota struggled, having an interception and only securing 86 yards.

  • Receiving: A. Watkins was the star receiver for the Browns, hauling in 139 yards with a touchdown. Ty. Jackson and B. Russell made notable contributions for the Eagles, the former achieving 41 yards and the latter securing a touchdown.

Defensive Highlights:

  • Cleveland's defense was able to capitalize on Philadelphia's passing game, with R. Hickman securing an interception.

  • Both teams' defensive lines demonstrated immense pressure, with the Eagles sacking Cleveland's QBs 6 times for a loss of 28 yards, and the Browns reciprocating with 1 sack for a 1-yard loss.

Special Teams:

  • In the punting game, Cleveland's C. Bojorquez showed his skill with a long punt of 62 yards, averaging 51.2 yards on 6 punts. T. Zentner of the Eagles managed a respectable average of 39.8 yards across 5 punts.

  • The Eagles showed slightly more prowess in returns, with D. Cain achieving a 34-yard return on kickoffs and J. Evans leading in punt returns with a 15-yard gain.


  • Both teams struggled with ball control. The Browns had 2 fumbles, with J. Kelly and D. Thompson-Robinson each losing one. The Eagles also lost 2 fumbles, with J. Evans and T. Sermon responsible.


The match showcased some great individual performances, especially in the rushing and receiving departments. However, both teams will likely reflect on their turnovers and missed opportunities as they prepare for their next game. The tie score of 18-18 aptly reflects the closely fought nature of the game, and fans will be eagerly anticipating the next meeting between these two teams.